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Common Questions/Problems

  1. I get an error when logging in to the secure section. I know I have my User ID & Password entered correctly.

    This site is scheduled for regular maintenance from 4 am to 10 am on Sundays central time. If you encounter problems trying to access this site, please try again later.

  2. This site looks really messed-up - what gives?

To fully experience the capabilities of this Web site, we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. While this site may work in some older or newer browser versions, you may experience difficulties using or viewing everything on this site.
This site has been tested and found to work optimally with the following browsers:

Please note that vendor sites linked from this site may not be compatible with all of these browsers. We've tried to indicate, where appropriate, which browsers will provide the best experience on other sites.

  1. What is 128-bit encryption and how do I know if I have it?

    The 128-bit encryption technology is used to help keep your information secure. Any current Web browser will support 128-bit encryption. To find out if your browser has 128-bit encryption go to your browser's "Help" menu.

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