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This page provides useful information for entities sending the ANSI X12N 834 V5010 and ANSI X12 820 V5010 transactions to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

Enrollment Form (PDF)

    • For 834 - Employer Groups wanting to transfer enrollment information to the payer (BCBSKS). *May be used to change or maintain existing 834 information from the employer group
    • For 820- Entities wanting to send Payroll deductions or Premium payments

Edifecs Quick Start Guide (Connectivity Information)
Last updated February 2017


Companion Guides

Testing Process

  1. Test file is submitted and reviewed for syntax errors. Once good TRN and 999 are created.
  2. BCBSKS IS reviews and prepares the test file to be loaded into BCBSKS Membership System.
  3. BCBSKS Membership receives the file and reviews the data for any inconsistency and inaccuracy. If any exist BCBSKS Membership will contact the Employer Group for changes and request another file. 
  4. BCBSKS will contact the Employer Group and advise when BCBSKS will accept production files.

User Documentation - M2 - Various essential documents to help you do business with us.  

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Secure FTP Server Instructions (review date 10/15)

User Documentation - Edifecs

Acknowledgements Manual (review date 08/20/14)
Chapter 1 - TA1 Report
Chapter 2 - Transaction Acknowledgement Report (TRN)
Chapter 3 - 997 Report
Chapter 4 - 999 Acknowledgement Document

834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
Implementation Guide (offsite link)
4010A1 Requirements Document last updated July 2011
5010 Companion Guide last updated January 2016

820 Premium Payment
Implementation Guide (offsite link)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Find answers to common support questions received by ASK.

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